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I am an existing T-Mobile customer, do I qualify for this T Mobile Sidekick iD offer?
No, unless you are activating a brand new line of service without canceling your existing T-Mobile service.
Can I keep my existing cell phone number?
Yes, due to number portability laws, all cellular carriers are required to transfer your number to the carrier of your choice. We are recommending that you initiate this process after you receive your New T Mobile Sidekick iD. Instructions on how to do this are included with your New T Mobile Sidekick iD. It takes less than 24 hours in most cases.
Are these new or refurbished T Mobile Sidekick iD devices?
All T Mobile Sidekick iD devices are brand new in the original manufacturerís packaging and have never been used.
Is this a real deal and how do you offer these discounts?
Yes, this is a real deal! The retail of the New T Mobile Sidekick iD is $399.00 but through this special promotion we are able to offer the New T-Mobile T Mobile Sidekick iD for $149 after rebates.
How does the rebate work?
You pay $149 today and we will ship your New T Mobile Sidekick iD. In the box you will receive rebate forms totaling $0.
Do I have to sign up for both Voice and Data?
This offer is based on data activation only. It is your choice if you would like to add a voice plan at a later date.
Do I have to pay anything now?
Yes, we will charge $149 for the device. You will be rebated $0 once you send in your rebate forms.
You can choose from the following shipping methods:
  • Ground (7 - 10 days) (FREE);
  • Priority (2 - 3 days) ($19.99 + $10.00 ea. addl phone);
  • Express (1 - 2 days) ($29.99 + $15.00 ea. addl phone);
(If you are purchasing a device with a $0.00 upfront cost and taking advantage of our $0.00 shipping offer, then your credit card will be charged a $1.00 processing fee.)
Why am I required to give you my Social Security Number, Birth Date and Driverís License Number?
T-Mobile requires a credit check and identity verification as do all cellular carriers for new service.
If both the upfront cost of the device is $0.00 and the shipping is $0.00, why is my credit card required?
If you are purchasing a device with a $0.00 upfront cost and taking advantage of our $0.00 shipping offer, then your credit card will be charged a $1.00 processing fee. Requiring a valid credit card helps to us to prevent identity theft and to ensure that individuals are not entering false information.
Will my personal information be safe?
Yes, your personal information will be safe and secure. In addition, we do not receive your credit report, simply an approval or denial from the T-Mobile Credit Department.
Is there a term required for this offer?
The service agreement is for 12 months.
Is there a trial period to use the device and service?
Yes, you will have 14 days from the date of activation to make sure you like the device and coverage. You can return the device within 14 days and you will be credited the $149 charge to your credit card.
Can I choose any rate plans?
This promotional offer is based on a data plan of $44.99 per month. You can add a voice plan to this phone at any time.
Will this work with my existing E-mail?
This New T Mobile Sidekick iD will work with any POP 3 email account issued from your ISP. It will not work with web based only email such as Hotmail.
Will this work as a modem?
Some devices will work as a modem. For details please click here to see if the T Mobile Sidekick iD will work as a modem. You can surf the Internet directly through the New T Mobile Sidekick iD itself.
If I order today, when will I receive my New T Mobile Sidekick iD?
Orders placed before noon Mountain Standard Time are typically processed the same day. The device will be shipped according to the shipping method prefered.
How will I know when my New T Mobile Sidekick iD is shipped?
You will receive an email with your shipping and tracking number.
I would like this New T Mobile Sidekick iD shipped to my home address. Is that a problem?
FedEx will deliver to your home address. If no one is available at the time of the delivery, FedEx will leave the New T Mobile Sidekick iD on your doorstep. Once FedEx leaves the package on the doorstep, the New T Mobile Sidekick iD is your responsibility. FedEx can not be held responsible for packages stolen from your property. We are recommending you have your high end wireless devices delivered to a location where it can be signed for - such as a place of business or where you know someone will be available.
Do I need to call anyone after I place my order online?
No, our Customer Service Representative will contact you once your order is processed.
Who do I get my monthly bill from?
Your monthly bill will arrive directly from T-Mobile.
When does my first bill arrive and how much will it be?
Your first bill will arrive 3-4 weeks from the date your phone is activated. This first bill will include a one-time $35.00 activation fee as well as plan charges for your first billing cycle of usage.
Can I purchase equipment protection/insurance for my device?
Venicom has formed a relationship with Global Warranty Group to offer one of the most reliable equipment protection plans available in the wireless industry today. Depending on the value of the device you are purchasing, the cost for the equipment protection is a one-time charge of either $49.99 or $59.99. On average, 1 in 4 devices will require a repair or replacement during the contract term, so equipment protection is highly recommended.
What is the preferred way to place my order?
Internet is the fastest and most efficient way to place an order.
Who is Venicom?
Venicom, Inc. is one of the nationís largest Master Agents with clients coast to coast and in over a dozen countries internationally. Venicom represents more than 30 communications carriers including Qwest, MCI, Verio, Bell South, SBC and T-Mobile. Venicom is a privately held, debt free corporation with itís headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona since 1998.